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A quick word about the game

As some of you might know I’m working on developing a video game called Blokker with BritBitGames. Also, some of you who have been following the progress might have noticed that updates have been a bit thin on the ground recently.There is a good reason for this.

BritBitGames was formed by myself and a couple of friends, and the main object of it is as an exercise in developing video games. I did some video game work back in the 90’s, before I got sidetracked into other career paths, but it’s been a while since I worked on a game, so, needless to say, I’m somewhat rusty.The rest of the team have no video game development experience at all. This means that while working on Blokker we’re also learning, or in my case re-learning, video game development. 

The initial set-up of the game was fairly simple. Designing the sprites, putting them into the game and making them move was very easy and things started to slot into place. We had a lot of small updates in a short space of time and this resulted in a lot of new screen shots and videos. Recently, though, there’s been a slight change of pace as we’ve been experimenting with some new ideas and some fine tuning of existing ones. This has meant that updates have been a bit slower, due to the fact that we’re learning as we’re going, so we’ve not been putting out new screen shots or videos anywhere near the rate we were doing, and it may be giving the impression that we’ve stopped development. This isn’t the case.

The game currently has three completed levels and a test level for trying out new ideas. This may not seem like a lot for almost three months worth of work on a relatively simple game, but as this is a “learning on the job” project things are moving a little slower than we would like. Our current work involves making small changes to the existing levels to improve the game play. Once we have these levels  the way we’d like we’ll begin adding more. I’m also in the process of designing a level select/map screen to combine the levels together, so that the player can unlock new levels and go back to replay existing ones to boost the score. I don’t want to reveal the level select screen until it’s completed (and it’s not really a looker at the moment) so I’m not releasing any screenshots. Also we figure it’d be a bit boring for us to release a load of new screenshots of the existing levels if all we’re doing is, say, changing how the enemies move in there “Hey look! Here’s our new screenshot of level 2… See the enemies now move left to right instead of up and down… Nevermind that it looks almost exactly the same as the other pictures of level 2 that we’ve posted”

So, that’s the main reason why there’s been a lack of news. I just don’t want to bore everyone with a load of very similar looking screen shots and videos. At least not until we’ve got something to show off.

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