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Sep 02

Over 1300 developers sign open letter against 'hateful, harassing speech' - CVG US -

I make games. Okay, they’re very simple games, more like demo’s at the moment, and I’ve only released one so far (I used to be a dev in the 80’s but have only recently decided to try again and I’m re-learning). If people say my games suck, then fine. But give me a reason why you think they suck and I’ll try to fix the problem. Say something like, “Hey, Pete! You know that boss guy on level 4? Well if it worked a bit more like this (example) then it’d be a lot better”. Constructive criticism works. However going off on a rant and saying “Your games are crap, you’re a tw*t and I wish you were dead!” will just result in me ignoring you.

Now, I know some studios have a habit of totally ignoring gamers suggestions and release half finished, buggy products and then do the internet equivalent of sticking their heads in the sand and hoping the problem will go away. There’s one particular studio that I know of, not mentioning any names but they have been around since the 80’s, that release quite poor games. Some times these games just seem really lazily put together or rushed out. People come on the forums to comment, and they’re ignored. So people become frustrated and are still ignored and it results in lots and lots of hate posts, and comments on Twitter, aimed at the developers of the game.

Being a gamer and a developer, I can see how it works both ways. Some gamers are rude, but also some developers and publishers are so far up their own arses, and so ignorant, that they deserve some of the comments that get thrown at them. Okay, not the death threats, but I can see why someone would be pissed off at spending a lot of money on a game and then get to a game breaking bug, or a poor or lazy design, that stops them from completing it or makes the game less fun to play. That person then might go to the games forum in the hope of getting it changed in a later patch, only to find that the developers are not actually going to patch it.

So, bottom line. There are some gamers that really need to chill out. But there are also some developers and publishers than need to stop releasing half arsed products.

There’s things that need fixing on both sides.


*edit* For the record, I added my name to the open letter. Why? Well, as I said above, criticism of a game is fine, but taking it too far and launching personal attacks and death threats is not.

Aug 18

Just a quick heads up that I am still alive and will be posting more stuff to the blog at some point. I’m just taking a short break until the beginning of September.

Aug 02

kodemunkey said: In the next Beta release for Elite Dangerous, the plan is to add heat to stars, as well as flares and CME's.

I’d not heard that. They might have to move the point where the player exits hyperspace to be a little further away then. :)


Jul 25

Let’s make them longer!


I was playing through my game the other day, just looking at it to see what I can improve, and it occurred to me that the whole experience is over rather too quickly. 

I originally intended UTS-187 to be around 4-5 levels long (the final figure being 4), in fact all of the Project Prototype games were going to be about that length, but upon reflection I find that the game really doesn’t give you enough time to get to know it before it’s over. So I’ve decided that I’m going to up the length of the new games to 5-10 levels. I may even add a few levels to UTS-187 as well.

The Project Prototype games will still be free, and I’m working on getting the first one published on Desura.